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TRANSCEIVERSPosted by Leonardo Sun, September 11, 2016 21:42:16

The interesting downward trend of the HF transceivers

Are we standing in front of a shock’s beginning? The HF transceivers prices are really decreasing and this is happening in an “inflexible” market, where we aren’t used to see a price fluctuation of 50 euros down about a price of 1,000 euros. Looking at the past it’s unusual to find another period with this drop.

All of that could have happened, on one hand, thanks to the introduction of the SDR Icom 7300, and its increasing trade and, on the other hand, thanks to the announcement of the 7610, another SDR, of great expectations whose price will be, according to unconfirmed reports, about 3,000 USD i.e. 2,630 euros.

Furthermore the SDR transceivers were introduced several years ago in the world of the radio-amateurs: you can see the models by Flex Radio, Elad, Apache etc. – if you want to consult the guide in you will find many of them under the item “Transceiver” – or the over 100 SDR which are existing in the other telecommunication sectors thanks to the best and demanding experts OM.

The SDR technology is more than 20 years old but has lately been to the world of the radio-amateurs (perhaps because the exchange with only 2,000,000 active radio-amateurs wasn’t considered profitable?)

But let’s go back to the topic of the lower prices.

The lower prices more susceptible for the cheapest range, as you can see looking from the graphics in the bottom, appear to begin just with the introduction of the Icom 7300 and they seem to go on…

This transceiver seems to achieve a considerable interest and for what concern common reports, it seems to exceed all the transceivers of the same price range or higher (we cannot publish sales data because they’re not officially founded) but all the users are agreeing saying that the IC 7300 offers an excellent price/quality ratio (it’s easy to believe because is an SDR!).

Looking at markets that I know best (I mean the European market and the north-American one, the Asiatic is practically inaccessible) the trend of lower prices is mainly about European and American devices.

Furthermore we know the euro is weaker against USD and for that reason it’s not convenient buying in the United States. Besides it seems to us that some American citizens, calculated the prices after having consulted our guide, and putting together work and pleasure in a business or delight tour in Europe, has taken home some OM devices purchased in UE (recovering in this way also the IVA in the extent of 18/25%).

So the graphics in the bottom of this article show the price trend after the 2016’s first three-months, observed about a random set of transceivers, but anyway substantial, divided in four bands (low-end, midrange, high-end, and the quadriband MF/H/V/UHF). Obviously here, as in Hamradioguide site, the prices are taxes-free, in order to permit every comparison.

We will keep you updating about every market development (and I believe there will be…!)

With the best ‘73 HamRadioGuide Staff